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Data is now at the core of every business, its secure storage and easy access is vital to success, but, the cost of providing such storage and ensuring your data is not only protected but also meets regulatory requirements is increasing.  Many organisations are now looking at Hybrid Cloud services as a viable alternative to providing ‘all’ services in house.

To make adoption of the Cloud easy, Nviron has developed a four stream programme to guide your organisation through the key stages of Cloud adoption:

  • PLATFORM  Correctly, establish your Hybrid Cloud presence with fully integrated home site directory interoperability.
  • MIGRATE  Efficiently and effectively relocate targeted services, documents or applications into your Cloud service.
  • RESIDE  optimise, deploy, refine, secure your Cloud presence by leveraging the platform and third party service enhancement features.
  • ESCALATE  Use Office365 add on tools to rapidly deploy advanced collaboration and workflow facilities.

Once your Cloud roadmap is defined Nviron can offer a range of hosting options and professional services to establish a resilient and secure Cloud that meets your business needs.

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