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Loan Agreement

Conditions of Loan

I understand and accept all of the following conditions regarding the items I have been loaned by Nviron:

The items detailed on the following page are the property of Nviron and will remain the property of Nviron and that they are provided to me on loan or for evaluation purposes only.

If the items are not returned to Nviron by the stated date then I am liable to pay compensation to Nviron, up to the price for replacement with identical items as stated (or alternative items that are acceptable to Nviron should new replacements not be available).

I agree to return the items on loan in their entirety including all packaging, manuals, cables and accessories.

With due consideration to the condition of the items at the start of the loan period, I accept that Nviron may charge me and I will pay for, reasonable costs of repairs or other works including any parts and labour costs that may be deemed necessary to return the items to the condition that they were in at the start of the loan period.

I also agree to pay an additional £30.00 + VAT for every accessory that is missing from any checklist included with the items.

I agree that I am responsible for taking good care of the items on loan for the duration of the loan period. This includes the security and general husbandry of the devices in guarantee of their safety and return in the identical condition with which they were received.

I agree that I will not, unless with pre-approval and explicit written permission from Nviron, lend or otherwise make the items available to any third party.

I agree that I will not sell the items to any third party.

I agree that for the period of the loan and until the items are safely returned to Nviron that I will arrange for insurance cover for the items to protect against theft, damage or loss of any sort.

I agree to not copy, extract, secure, duplicate or relocate any licensed component of the demonstration system.

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