Deployment and support of Microsoft solutions built on Dell enterprise technology is our core business.

Privacy Policy



In its performance of service engagements Nviron Limited may be involved with a variety of customer computer systems and network equipment and through the process of programming software and delivering services may observe information relating to the customer’s business. Nviron Limited undertakes to keep confidential all particulars of the information viewed and shall not disclose such to any third party or reproduce such in any form whatsoever except with the prior and express consent in writing of the customer.

During the course of a service engagement a customer may learn of or observe aspects of Nviron’s business and its methods, which in turn Nviron would expect the customer to keep confidential.

Remote Support Services

Nviron Limited provides remote support services to its customers using remote access technology. It is the policy of Nviron to establish remote access connections from a “clean” network segment that is not directlyconnected to the Nviron corporate network. This protects the confidentiality of the customers network by ensuring that access cannot be gained from unauthorised network users.

Virus Protection

Nviron operates a dual skin virus protection policy, which is updated automatically with the latest virus pattern files. All server and desktops within the organisation (including laptops when off line) are protected. A second skin scans all incoming and outgoing email attachments for contamination to minimise the risk of Nviron passing on infected files.

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