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Ged Hanley - Riverside College

“Riverside College operate more than 1800 PCs on a server-controlled network serving over 4000 users.  We have been engaged with Nviron for our IT developments since 2013 and have the highest praise for the quality and speed of response that we receive.

As an organisation Nviron have developed and maintained our trust in the professional services they offer. In contracting our IT support to Nviron we were able lower our overall IT support costs and to increase the up-time of all our systems, so this has proved to have been a good business decision for us.

Nviron provide the personal service we expect to receive. They are professional and courteous at all times, and give the response one needs and expects in this IT dependant world we operate in.

We would highly recommend.”

Ken Stewart - Head of IT Spectrum Brands UK

“Having closely worked with Nviron during several high-profile projects, including virtualising my whole estate that involved seven sites, I knew I could trust and depend on them when I decided to look at outsourcing my Server Patching.  The requirement needed it to be implemented in a very short timescale and their responsiveness, professionalism and knowledge was second to none.

Within a few days, the Nviron Consultant had updated the infrastructure and Project Managed the adoption of my entire Estate into phased Patching solution without any involvement from myself.

I now have detailed patching reports on all my Systems monthly, and can sleep better at night knowing my estate is in safe hands.”

Liam Hayes - IT Strategy Lead West Kirby Grammar School

“We can engage students in ways that weren’t possible before – we’re no longer limited to the four walls of the classroom. Lessons are more dynamic and interactive.”

Paul Wilmore - Director of Technical Services Stoneyhurst College

“The SonicWall firewall meets all our needs.  It is stable and keeps our network secure. We now spend far less time interrogating the system. The SonicWall software pushes the data to you with hardly any intervention”.

Paul Griffin - Head of ICT Shoreline Housing

“The Shoreline IT team had the capability and knowledge required for managing the data centre upgrade but this was greatly enhanced and supported by Nviron. The Nviron engineer and project manager worked well with the Shoreline project team. The project was a success. It was delivered easily within project timescales and within budget constraints. We were also able to purchase an additional node within project budget”.

James Perry - IT Manager

“My experience working with Nviron was very positive. I was very impressed by their honest, diligent and consultative approach to providing the correct solution for the business. Nviron helped at every stage of the project, by exploring and explaining all the options, helping to narrow them down and drawing on years of IT project experience to arrive at a solution that worked for us.”

“I was extremely impressed by their level of knowledge and real-world technical expertise, which provided much needed peace of mind for a project of this scale. The quality of service I received and the delivery of results the business was hoping for, made the engagement a huge success”.

Graham Heath - The Norkem Group

“Nviron have been a primary partner of ours since 2004 and consistently provide a high level of both support and consultancy. They play an important role in ensuring we can continue to deliver a high-quality ICT service to the business”.

Lorna Renton - John Sutch Cranes

“We are delighted with Nviron’s contribution to our organisation as our IT partner. Whether it be a support query, advising on hardware required, a major system re-build or premises move, we have benefitted from their detailed planning, project management and attention to detail”

“They have been willing to liaise with third parties on our behalf – always explaining things clearly and providing solutions tailor made to our needs and within budgets set. Everyone we come into contact with have knowledge of our infrastructure which lends confidence to the solutions suggested. In short, Nviron have made IT less daunting”.

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