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De-mystify the hype around Hyperconvergence with VMware

An expert briefing from VMware & Dell EMC

Go anywhere in the world and you’ll see HCI modernising data centres, optimising and simplifying IT environments, lowering operation costs and driving higher agility for the businesses that adopt it.

Experts from VMware and Dell EMC will demystify HCI and explain how Modular Servers with a unified interface will replace complex 3 tier infrastructure, reduce costs and dramatically simplify the computer room.

Featured explorations…

  • A Practical explanation of the term ‘Software Defined’
  • How HCI advances and simplifies computer room IT
  • VMware based Hyperconverged infrastructure explained
  • VxRail, the industry’s ‘only’ single vendor HCI solution
  • Detailed update on the VMware End User Computing
  • How VMware Horizon can be the first step into HCI
  • Access the experts in a relaxed and informal environment


10:00 Welcome and Introductions

10:05 Hyper-Confused. Don’t be and here is why

10:30 VMware based Hyperconverged infrastructure explained and demonstrated

11:30 Coffee Break

11:15 VMware and End User Computing

12:30 VMware solution thought leadership

12:45 Event close, followed by Informal expert access over lunch


Who should attend:

Any organisation that wishes to understand and explore the next iteration of VMware virtualisation and the advanced and simplified infrastructure it is built upon.

Any organisation that appreciates, value, resilience, performance, standardisation and an accelerated management and support experience.

IT & End User service managers that have considered or deferred VDI and would benefit from a facilities and technology catch-up from the VMWare Horizon team.

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