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Remote Working & Legacy applications SIMPLIFIED

Join Nviron to learn how Awingu and Droplet Computing solves and simplifies remote working & discrete legacy application access.

Awingu simplifies online remote working providing an online workspace that gives users, students and homeworkers remote access to their applications from virtually anywhere using a HTML5 browser-capable device.

Awingu delivers everything you need from legacy and cloud apps to documents, and data to stay productive. It requires zero configuration and zero client software installation, making IT administration, home education and working a breeze.

 Droplet Computing provides a software-based containerisation solution that delivers secure isolated applications to Windows, Mac, Chrome or Linux-based desktops and laptops.

Securely Run Legacy & Modern Windows Applications on Windows, Mac, Linux & Chrome devices, Online and Offline with complete isolation from the device and the operating system upon which the container runs.

Outline Agenda:  Please check actual start time for each event.

This is a virtual event where the connection link will be sent in a following email.

Three date and start time options are available.

11th June @ 10:00

16th June @ 14:00

18th June @ 11:00

Please choose the event date you prefer when registering.