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The Age of Ransomware and Other Silent Threats : Webinar

Date: 20th June | 40-minute Webinar | 11:00

The latest most common and pervasive threat to endpoint security is Emotet. Originally designed as a banking Trojan, it has now evolved to become a major threat to users everywhere.

We have teamed up with Malwarebytes on this webinar, who in the last 30 days, have cleaned Emotet off machines 5.5 million times globally, 1 million of which were in the UK alone.

Emotet is often used as a downloader for other malware such as Ransomware.  It is polymorphic, which means it can change itself every time it is downloaded, evading signature-based detection and has earned a reputation as one of the hardest-to-remediate infections.

Join an expert Malwarebytes team for an informative Webinar to understand then remediate the escalating challenges of Malware.

 11:00 – 11:40 Malwarebytes The Age of Ransomware
 The Current Threat Landscape…
 An overview of EMOTET and related malware
 What it is, and why it is so effective at circumventing security solutions
 Q&A via Live chat capability

Date: 20th June | 40-minute Webinar | 11:00

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