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Hyperconvergence with Azure Stack HCI

Nviron was pleased to host an exceptionally well received educational briefing on Microsoft Hyperconvergence and Windows Server 2019.

Insiders Terry Storey and Chris Yearsley captivated the audience explaining in detail how this technology uses modular, ready built servers to simplify and accelerate Hyper-V hosted infrastructure by virtualising the legacy pillars of compute, storage and networking.

To round off the session, all delegates were invited to participate in an exciting and memorable Karting event which was enthusiastically contested.

A great day from an outstanding team dedicated to simplifying the complex and sharing how technology makes a difference across an entire organisation.

Missed the event?  Nviron is a leading supplier of Microsoft Hyperconvergence systems. We would be delighted to discuss the performance and simplification this advanced platform provides and define how Azure stack HCI can be the foundation of your next generation, Hyper-V computer room.

Please call or get in touch to arrange a focused session and practical live system demonstration.