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ISO 9001 Quality Management

Link to Certificate of Registration:  FS 32756


Nviron is committed to providing services and products which meet the needs and expectations of its customers, and at the same time enhances its own reputation in the markets in which it operates. This will be measured by the customer feedback arising from project closure and service delivery forums, and assessed as part of the management reviews held during the quarterly Board Meetings.

The scope of the company’s services and products is the design, build and installation of secure IT infrastructures, the provision of managed support for IT solutions and the supply of IT professional services.

Nviron has identified key processes which need to operate effectively in order that Nviron can meet its objectives. The processes are split between those which directly affect the quality and relevance of what we provide to customers (customer related processes) and those which have an indirect impact on customers (corporate processes). Associated with the processes are quality objectives and measurements to enable the effectiveness of the processes to be reviewed so that continual improvements are possible. The processes require that appropriate communication occurs with customers and other interested parties at relevant stages, in order to ensure that the needs of customers and other parties continue to be met.

The processes are managed in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and conform to any relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

The quality policy is communicated throughout the organisation and is examined for continuing suitability as part of the reviews of the quality management system.

Jamie Platt

Managing Director

Nviron Limited

30th October 2017