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What the Tech! Nviron are starting a podcast

Nviron Podcast

Listen to our Podcast here


Nviron are proud to announce that we are starting our own podcast – What the Tech!

We are going to be talking about all things tech and keep you up to date with the latest & greatest updates in the IT industry…

Our podcast is kicking off with the first of our Microsoft series, where we will be discussing updates & overviews of all things Microsoft – this week’s podcast begins with the newest features of Microsoft Teams and what you could do if you signed up to the 12-month Microsoft Teams exploratory trial last year, and what licensing you should be considering.

If you would like to speak to one of our Microsoft consultants about your Microsoft Teams licensing then please contact us today at or 01928 809000

Podcast Guests…

Hetty Roach – Supplier Liaison

Ben Staley – Microsoft Services Specialist


Listen to our Podcast here