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Dell OPENMANAGE and SupportAssist

Simplify | Automate | Optimise

OPENMMANAGE provides a single, unified console from which to manage/monitor Dell (servers, storage, networking) and multi-vendor hardware. With OpenManage Mobile app, users can access inventory, health status and system from a mobile device.  To provide a full single console solution, OpenManage functionality can be integrated into existing VMware vCenter and Microsoft System Center consoles.

SupportAssist offers remote monitoring, automated system state information collection, automatic case creation and proactive contact from technical support on select Dell EMC server, storage, and networking devices.

When managing a lower number of PowerEdge servers, iDRAC9 Group Manager may be considered as an alternative to OpenManage. iDRAC Group Manager offers a simplified console experience for managing and monitoring.

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Main benefits of OpenManage include:

  • Simplified end to end lifecycle management for inventory, monitoring, reporting, configuration & deployment
  • Graphical view of Health monitoring including root-cause sources
  • Automate the mundane – schedule and perform BIOS and Firmware updates
  • Modern HTML5 dashboard providing a clear view of alerts and remediation options
  • Full reporting including Service Tag, inventory, warranty, etc.
  • Integrated SupportAssist

Data Centre

VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM)

VMware vSphere with Operations Management delivers consistent management which is-built to get the best performance, availability and efficiency from your vSphere infrastructure and applications

vSOM helps you improve your performance and avoid disruption, with intelligent operations from apps to storage providing simplified availability and comprehensive visibility in one place.

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Main benefits of VMware vSphere with Operations Management include:

  • Comprehensive operations dashboards, and reporting
  • Performance and health monitoring
  • Capacity Metering, Trending, Rightsizing and resource optimisation
  • vSphere security hardening
  • Business Continuity and Security

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