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dell laptop
OptiPlex 5250 All-in-One
dell laptop

Dell Laptop & Desktop

Inspire | Innovate | Excite | Transform

Workforce transformation is being driven primarily by an individual’s professional role, how they use their IT and how their work place or working day unfolds.  Nviron and Dell EMC can help you personalise your devices for the way your employees really work.

Access a range of exceptionally flexible laptops that empowers users to seamlessly transition between comfortable and practical work modes or achieve best in class reliability and productivity in harsh conditions with the Dell Latitude Rugged family.  With features like outdoor readable displays and glove capable touch, these tough and resilient devices are the most secure and manageable computers available.

Put business success, literally, in your employees’ hands with innovative technology designed specifically, for the way they work. Dell designs devices and accessories that keep every member of your workforce productive, connected and secure, anytime, anywhere – no matter the task.



One Workspace | Any Device | Anywhere

Enabling fast, secure remote home working on any device! Awingu is an online workspace that gives users secure access to corporate IT resources, such as company applications and files.

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  • Aggregate all your existing environments & effortlessly put Awingu on top of it
  • Access same workspace anywhere, on any device, via any web browser
  • Provide highly secure & audited access to all your applications and files
  • Easily share files & application session to improve your team’s productivity

dell desktop

Dell Wyse Thin Clients for VDI

Manage | Deploy | Innovate | Transform

With Dell EMC deploying a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure has never been easier.  VDI empowers IT departments and service providers with the ability to deliver versatile and dynamic desktop service with the power of central deployment, management and control.

Only Dell EMC can offer infrastructure to endpoint VDI solutions with all of Dell’s Cloud Client-Computing offerings being secure, easy-to-manage and scalable.

With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, you can…

  • Simplify desktop planning, deployment and management and service.
  • Enable BYOD and securely deliver any Windows application to any user on any device.
  • Reduce costs through the deployment of energy-efficient, award-winning Wyse thin clients and software to suit your budget, application and performance requirements.

Whether your solution solves a local problem, adds new or specific capabilities, or is an organisation wide elevation of your desktop infrastructure, Nviron and Dell EMC can make a difference.

dell workstation 2
dell workstation 1
dell workstation 3

Dell Precision Workstations

Performance | Innovation | Optimised | Secure

High performance and fully customisable workstations designed and tested for professional creators and their demanding industry applications.

Available in 3 flexible static formats of All-in-one, flexible tower, and scalable & secure rack-able, these units are complemented by the exceptional portable power of a 15” mobile workstation.

Created with new technologies and premium materials these devices with optional 4k Ultra HD display have the resolution and capability to run the most popular creative applications at the fastest speeds and in engaging precise colour detail.

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Precision Workstations 


Droplet Computing Containerisation

Performance | Innovation | Portability | Transformation

Droplet Computing is redefining application delivery, developing software solutions based on a patent-pending container technology that enables fully featured Windows apps to run across multiple device platforms such as, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Windows OS and Linux OS, even if the operating system does not normally support those apps.

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  • Run your apps securely on your choice of device, regardless of whether they are online or offline
  • You do not need to be connected to the Cloud to run your apps
  • Deliver apps to end users without need to change your device in anyway
  • Can be delivered using Windows app publishing solutions for multi-user deployments


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