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Dell Networking
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Dell Networking

Advanced | Scalable | Manageable | Familiar

With its advanced network devices Dell EMC provides exceptional range of suitable, capable and flexible Network infrastructure solutions that can integrate or seamlessly upgrade your existing fabric.

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With Dell EMC Networking you can…

  • Access a range of flexible, open and high ROI networking platforms ideally suited for all organisation sizes, upto and including demanding campus class environments
  • Grow without rip and replace, taking advantage of an ecosystem built on industry standards, a common and familiar Command Line Interface and other manufacturer interoperability
  • Take advantage of new energy efficient and flexible performance port speeds and interface standards, aligned with the parallel developments in servers and connected devices
  • Reduce costs, using more ports on less devices by concentrating roles through deployment of Consolidated, Open and Software Defined Networking [SDN] capable devices
  • Integrate and manage advanced Wireless and POE based solutions with a centrally controlled edge to computer room infrastructure
  • Grow and transform your network with the right device, at the right price in the right location

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Aerohive Wireless

Simplicity | Choice | Flexibility | Applications & Insights

Aerohive wireless solutions reduce operational cost and complexity using advanced system management capabilities hosted either on premise or as a private Cloud deployment.

Aerohive’s unique distributed Wi-Fi control increases speed, scale, and resilience for enterprise networks of any size with State aware protocols, self-healing and best path forwarding optimising client performance based on the environment.

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Main benefits of Aerohive wireless include

  • High capacity network access for every device
  • Easily onboard corporate, BYOD, and guest devices without IT support
  • Limit network access based on user, device type, location or time of day
  • Block unwanted apps such as torrents or illegal media
  • Aerohive’s ‘Private’ PSK technology gives you the ability to easily onboard and identify devices, without security or complexity concerns
  • Enhanced visibility and control with comprehensive 360 view dashboards of users, devices, and applications
  • Full range of access points including the latest 802.11 standards

Contact Nviron and discover how to trial Aerohive wireless with a free Access Point.

Dell OMNM product

Dell OpenManage Network Manager

Converged network management made easy

Featuring an intuitive web-based interface, support for the Dell family of network switches and multi-vendor support, OpenManage™ Network Manager [OMNM] makes it easier than ever to manage your converged network infrastructure.

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Its advanced and integrated interface makes it easy to…

  • Automate configuration management with One-to-many functionality.
  • Easily and centrally monitor and diagnose networking health and performance.
  • Add ability to deploy firmware, backup and restore configurations across many switches and routers from a single management point.
  • Size and scale your management infrastructure through the affordable subscription-based model

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Kemp Loading Balance

Simplicity | Flexibility | Support

Kemp powers always-on application experience (AX) for enterprises and service providers, simplifying how customers optimize, analyse and secure their applications across private and multi-cloud environments.

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  • Increased simplicity – Award-winning hardware, virtual and cloud-native options deployed using optimized templates
  • Greater flexibility – Flexible virtual deployment models that map to your business requirements with perpetual, subscription and metered licensing options
  • Supports use cases across any combination of platform types, including physical, virtual, cloud or multi-cloud environments
  • Leverages an agile per-app consumption model with unlimited throughput, predictive application analytics and automated issue resolution

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