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Preston’s College

“Preston’s College has worked with Nviron for around 12 years.  We engage with many organisations of varying sizes, offering IT solutions, and in that time, they’ve established themselves as one of our key partners.  Nviron support our IT strategy by advising us on how our sector is changing, what trends and technologies we should be looking towards, and what similar organisations are doing.

Budget challenges mean we are always looking to get best value for money, pricing of any solution is often an overriding factor.  Nviron have always remained competitive and whilst their team is frequently in touch, it’s not intrusive and we’ve given room to consider our options.

I think Nviron has been a good fit for the College. They have delivered consistently great service often with that ‘added-value’ that we find that other partners or 3rd parties aren’t willing or able to provide. Their technical ability is excellent which fills my team with confidence that they know what they’re doing and can be trusted and relied upon.”