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Watch our recent HE & FE Panel Discussion here!

Join us to listen to key speakers from various HE and FE institutions share experiences, learnings and successes around technology used to maintain services and adapting to new delivery models- both during the pandemic and in its aftermath…

We discuss the impact technology made on the HE/FE sector and how they had to quickly adapt to continue to provide effective IT over the past year and how this new way of working can be implemented in the future.

Please provide your details below in order to watch our Video – Remote Working Through the Pandemic and Beyond | HE & FE Panel Discussion


    Iain Stott – Head of Department – MIS, ICT & Data Services at Preston’s College

    John Donnellan – Information Services Manager at Wigan & Leigh College University Centre

    Paul Cooper – Head of IT Services at South Devon College

    Simon Isherwood – Segment Specialist at Nvidia

    Andy Carty – Head of Public Sector at Nviron

    Terry Guy – Account Director at Nviron



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    Panel Interview

    Nvidia Future Gazing

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