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What is my IT manager saying to me and why should I listen now?

In modern businesses IT Infrastructure is a utility.  We simply must have it to function.
It’s sometimes difficult to evaluate the risks that IT professionals highlight to the business, because the world of IT is so full of acronyms and jargon.  So, let’s see if we can break it down a little.

Firstly, lets discuss Datacentre.  The Datacentre (or Server Room as it was known) is the ‘engine room’ of IT Infrastructure.  If this fails, everything fails.   IT Managers want to know that the IT Infrastructure is resilient to failure.  Automation is something that IT Professionals crave.
For example, your server and storage hardware may be running at full capacity just to keep up with new unexpected workloads.  If a component becomes overloaded there could be no way of getting services back online.  A system that can cope with growth or failure dynamically, is ideal when it comes to eliminating risks.

Remote Access
Suddenly everyone needs remote access.  IT Managers have put together various types of remote access solutions lately, this may have gone well, but perhaps it could be simplified?
There are now tools available that deliver Desktops and Applications remotely through a single platform.  This secures data, simplifies compliance and centralises management.  It has always been a challenge for IT Professionals to support remote computers, perhaps now even more so?

Thirdly, we must speak about security.  There are now thousands of users depending on potentially unmanaged devices to access systems remotely.  Can you trust your loyal team, working from their rapidly formed home offices, not to click on something they shouldn’t
Anecdotally, phishing emails (trying to tempt users to click on links which contain malicious content) have grown by an estimated 600% since February.  Coincidence?  What do you think?

Disaster Recovery
Lastly, we need to talk about Disaster Recovery.  What would happen if your Datacentre had a major incident?  Will a plane hit the building?  Probably not, but with facilities management likely running a minimum service, is it possible that an air conditioning unit fails, so a server room could overheat, or a pipe might burst, causing flooding?

Well if that did happen, what would you do?

Final Thoughts
None of the stuff in this article might apply to you, and equally might never happen.  If that’s the case, congratulations, but for the rest of us, like anything in business, it’s a case of risk mitigation coupled with return on investment.

The good news is that with a well thought through strategy and correctly architected solution all the above is entirely solvable and affordable.  Importantly, large amounts of capital are not required to do things properly and sustainably.

A well-designed solution should bring many benefits to all areas of the business and be designed with the following in mind:

Nviron are busy designing and implementing solutions that answer these problems.
Please do get in touch if you would like a follow up conversation.

Hetty Roach