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What the Tech! Check out our latest podcast Episode #3

Listen to our podcast here

Check out our latest What the Tech! Episode #3 – The Importance of Long-Term IT Strategy & Investment…

In this episode we will be discussing the challenges and benefits of remote and flexible working during a Pandemic, and why it is important for businesses to implement long-term IT strategy to ensure business continuity and expansion.

We are joined by our Business Development Executive Louis Knight, who will be talking about his experience in joining Nviron not long prior to the Pandemic and the implementation of remote working and the lessons he has learnt over the past year of lockdown. We will also be discussing what businesses should be focusing on with their IT strategy and why it is so important to have future IT plans in place, even as lockdown restrictions continue to ease.

Podcast Guests…

Hetty Roach – Supplier Liaison

Louis Knight – Business Development Executive

Listen to our podcast here