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17 April 2024

Can we use these laptops a little longer? 6 reasons to refresh client devices

Can we use these laptops a little longer 6 reasons to refresh client devices

Businesses constantly strive to optimise their efficiency and performance, and a regular client refresh cycle is crucial in keeping pace with the evolving technology landscape.


The typical lifecycle of a laptop is around five years. By then, the components will have aged and slowed down, support costs will be increasing, and the latest suite of client devices can deliver so many quality-of-life improvements over your current estate that is it worth keeping them going? This article will explore the importance of a client refresh cycle and its significant benefits for businesses.


1. Staying competitive


The technological landscape constantly evolves, and your business must stay current to remain competitive. A client refresh cycle ensures your organisation is equipped with the latest hardware, software, and applications to leverage cutting-edge technologies and meet ever-increasing customer expectations.


2. Enhanced security


Outdated client systems are more susceptible to security vulnerabilities, putting sensitive data and valuable information at risk from data breaches. Implementing a client refresh cycle allows organisations to replace older devices and software with more secure options. Upgraded systems often have enhanced security features, patches, and software updates, minimising the chances of a security breach and ensuring data protection.


3. Improved productivity


Outdated technology can hinder employee productivity and efficiency. As your devices age and each task takes a few extra seconds to complete, these seconds accumulate over a day, a week and a month. Compound these seconds over the five-year lifespan of a device, and your users become considerably less productive over time.


By refreshing client systems, businesses can provide employees with faster, more reliable devices, enabling them to work more efficiently. This directly impacts your bottom line, driving growth and success.


4. Enhanced user experiences


Customers today expect seamless, user-friendly experiences across all touchpoints, and outdated client systems can hamper your ability to deliver. By refreshing client systems, businesses can leverage modern applications, intuitive interfaces, and improved performance to enhance the overall user experience. A positive customer experience translates into customer loyalty, increased satisfaction, and a competitive advantage in the market. 

5. Cost savings


While a client refresh cycle requires an initial investment, it can lead to significant cost savings in the long run. Outdated technology often requires frequent repairs and maintenance, increasing IT costs. Ageing systems also consume more energy, resulting in higher electricity bills. By upgrading to newer, more energy-efficient devices, businesses can reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption, saving money over time.


6. Scalability & adaptability


Business needs change, and technology must keep pace with these evolving requirements. A client refresh cycle enables organisations to assess their current technology infrastructure and adjust to accommodate growth and changing demands. By embracing the latest technologies, businesses can scale operations, adapt to market trends, and seize new opportunities.


In today's fast-paced business environment, implementing a well-designed client refresh cycle is crucial for optimising efficiency and maintaining a competitive edge. Enhanced performance, improved security, better user experience, and long-term cost savings are benefits organisations can reap from regularly upgrading client devices. By prioritising the refresh cycle, businesses can empower their employees with the tools they need to succeed while future-proofing their technology investments.


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