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Simple & Straightforward

We take end-to-end responsibility with our IT As a Service offerings, providing the appliances, licenses and management. Creating the ultimate in worry-free IT.

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What is IT as a Service (XaaS)?

At Nviron, we like to simplify things for our clients, which is why we provide our own appliances and license all our infrastructure and security services, aka Everything as a Service!

Previously, as a business, you likely bought and installed your hardware and software – the servers, the security, the infrastructure. You then linked them to everything required within your business. Meaning specialist staff and an endless bank account for never-ending updates.

These days, it’s a tad more straightforward. All you need to do is give the team at Nviron a call and this can all be taken care of for you. Previous capital expenses can now be transformed into operating expenses at a fraction of the cost and hassle.

No matter which or all of these options you choose, you can rest assured that they will always be up-to-date, with no hidden costs and won’t expire or go end of life.

Say hello to stress-free IT


Not one size fits all

Every single business we work alongside has different requirements, so our IT experts will work with you to get to the roots of what you’re looking for as an IT business partner.


We like to be proactive

After we’ve listened to your concerns, our experts will propose the required (sometimes alternative) processes and systems to ensure we’re always one step ahead. This will continue for the duration of our partnership.


People buy from people

We’re all about the relationship. We will ensure you’re happy with your dedicated contacts at Nviron and make sure that they are always available to resolve any issues as speedily as possible.


Our experts are trained by the experts

Our experts are all equipped with the ability to solve the most complex of issues and get you up and running before anything turns critical.

Benefits of IT as a Service (XaaS)



XaaS allows SMBs to scale operations swiftly, adapting to market changes, seizing opportunities, and meeting customer demands.


More flexibility

Get access to diverse services without upfront investments. Nviron manages maintenance and infrastructure, freeing you from complex IT management.


Core Competencies

With XaaS, outsource non-core functions like IT, streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and allocating resources to strategic growth.


Advanced Tech

XaaS empowers leveraging AI, ML, big data, and cloud computing, enhancing efficiency, customer experience, and competitiveness.

IT as a Service (XaaS)

Every business has different requirements, so our IT experts will work with you to get to the roots of what you're looking for from an IT business partner.

Backup as a Service

Protecting your vital data from the risk of loss associated with user error, malicious attacks, or corruption.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Replication and hosting of your applications and data to provide failover in the event of a catastrophe.

Email Threat Protection as a Service

Secure your inbox, guard against threats, and protect your business.

Endpoint Detection & Response as a Service

EDRaaS goes beyond prevention, playing an integral part in a strong security posture and providing advanced recovery mechanisms.

Firewall as a Service

Powerful security features with maximum flexibility and minimum effort. Underpinned by award-winning Firewall technology.

Microsoft 365 Backup as a Service

Peace of mind that your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Teams data is backed up.

Web Protection as a Service

Ensure robust protection against web-based threats and minimise the risk of attacks and data breaches.

Nviron Cloud Infrastructure

Give your productivity a bit of oomph and your security its very own bodyguard with our Cloud platform.

Nviron Telecoms Service

A range of Ethernet and broadband service options to fit multiple needs and budgets, with guaranteed speeds up to 1Gbps.

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Frequently asked questions

IT as a Service (XaaS) is a cloud-based technology service that enables you to access all manner of high-quality software applications and hardware without purchasing, maintaining, or upgrading them yourself. With XaaS, you leverage Nviron’s infrastructure via the cloud, enabling you to access a range of services, including network security, storage and backup.

There can be various drivers for adopting an as a Service model, including:


  • Preference for OPEX versus CAPEX.


  • Limited skills in specific technology areas.


  • Avoidance of investment in on-premise infrastructure.


  • Reduced management burden.


  • Increased scalability.


  • Allows organisations to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise and resources of a dedicated service provider.

As a Service modules are available across a variety of technologies, therefore the first step is for Nviron to work with you to identify your requirements and scope an appropriate service for your business.


When you are ready to give the service the go-ahead, we will work with you to implement the chosen service and roll it out to your business. We will monitor, manage, maintain and support the system. Of course, if you experience any issues, the Service Desk is available to help you. However, as we proactively monitor the service, we will identify and remediate problems automatically should they arise.

Almost any hardware or software application required to run your business can be delivered via the cloud through an as a service model. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Backup as a Service (BaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Email Threat Protection as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Endpoint Detection & Response as a Service (EDRaaS)
  • Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)
  • Microsoft 365 Backup as a Service (M365BaaS)
  • Web Protection as a Service (WPaaS)

The simple answer is it depends! It depends on the type and scope of the service. To discuss your requirements and get a quote, please contact us, and we’d be delighted to work on a proposal for you. 

The as a Service delivery model combines the initial outlay, installation, maintenance and support of an application or piece of hardware into a straightforward monthly cost.


Typically, if you were to buy an application or piece of hardware, you would have the following to consider:


  • Capital outlay for the purchase.


  • Installation cost.


  • Ongoing maintenance agreement.


  • Ongoing maintenance (patching & firmware).


  • Ongoing support for incidents.


  • System monitoring.


  • Lifecycle of an asset (budget for a replacement inline with expected lifecycle).


With as a Service, all of the above can be combined into a single monthly payment, meaning Nviron will take care of all of this for you. 

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