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We like to be proactive

Every business has different requirements, so our IT experts will work with you to get to the roots of what you're looking for as an IT business partner.

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So, what do we mean by Managed IT Support Services?

Simply put, Managed Support Services (MSS) is when a business outsources its maintenance and support of IT systems to improve operations and manage the computer network more efficiently by trained professionals. (Not by so-and-so in such and such a team who once read 'IT for Dummies!').

As our digital offerings in the business world are ever-evolving, you need to ensure that your IT is on the same page or even the page beyond. At Nviron, we're experts at keeping our experts at the forefront of anything IT.

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Not one size fits all

Every single business we work alongside has different requirements, so our IT experts will work with you to get to the roots of what you’re looking for as an IT business partner.


We like to be proactive

After we’ve listened to your concerns, our experts will propose the required (sometimes alternative) processes and systems to ensure we’re always one step ahead. This will continue for the duration of our partnership.


People buy from people

We’re all about the relationship. We will ensure you’re happy with your dedicated contacts at Nviron and make sure that they are always available to resolve any issues as speedily as possible.


Our experts are trained by the experts

Our experts are all equipped with the ability to solve the most complex of issues and get you up and running before anything turns critical.

Benefits of Managed IT Support Services



Protect Your Data & minimise downtime: Nviron can proactively monitor your systems and infrastructure, moving swiftly to resolve issues and minimise downtime.


Right technologies

New technology is great, but is it right for you? Nviron partners with you, offering advice on the right technologies for your goals.



Access to the latest technologies and proper configuration enables employees to work more efficiently and improves productivity.


Control costs

Managed Support Services are delivered through an agreed package, providing complete visibility of your costs.

Managed IT Support Services

Every business has different requirements, so our IT experts will work with you to get to the roots of what you're looking for from an IT business partner.

Managed IT Backup

Delivering consistent and accurate data backups to protect against the threat of data loss.

Managed IT Infrastructure

Outsourced maintenance, monitoring and support of your hardware, software, and network components.

Managed IT Renewals

Ensure the seamless and efficient renewal of contracts or subscriptions so everything is covered when needed.

Managed IT Security

Outsource your security tools' management, detection and monitoring to a specialised provider to deliver enhanced protection and risk management.

Managed Network & WiFi

Enable a third party to take ownership of maintenance, monitoring and support of your company's network infrastructure and connectivity.

Virtual Infrastructure Manager

Access to a real person who will support your organisation when it comes to making strategic IT decisions.

Nviron Telecoms Service

A range of Ethernet and broadband service options to fit multiple needs and budgets, with guaranteed speeds up to 1Gbps.

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Frequently asked questions

MSS involves a third-party provider managing specific aspects of your organisation's IT. Typically, SMB customers with limited in-house IT resources utilise MSS to reduce costs, improve service quality and free up their internal teams to focus on other tasks.


Maintenance, security, monitoring and other aspects of the MSS are defined using an SLA that documents what you can expect from your provider. The service agreement also includes the provider's response times, performance, and security specifications.

Managed IT Support Services work through a structured and proactive approach to managing a business's IT infrastructure and services. The process typically involves: 


  • Assessment & planning


  • Onboarding & implementation


  • Proactive monitoring & maintenance


  • Issue identification & resolution


  • Backup & disaster recovery


  • Technology updates & maintenance


  • Scalability

Managed IT Support Services can offer numerous benefits to businesses. They can help streamline IT operations, improve efficiency and enhance productivity. A good Managed IT Support Service should take care of your day-to-day IT management, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. 

Several different services can be delivered as an MSS. These include but are not limited to:


  • Managed IT Backup


  • Managed IT Infrastructure


  • Managed IT Renewals


  • Managed IT Security


  • Managed Network & WiFi


  • Virtual Infrastructure Manager

The choice between the two usually depends on an organisation's level of in-house expertise. Technical IT Support Services are designed to complement an in-house IT team or department. Managed IT Support Services involve the outsourcing of responsibility for a particular facet of your IT. As such, they are suitable for businesses with little to no IT expertise or for IT teams looking to free up time to concentrate on core business activities while leveraging the knowledge and resources of an IT services provider.

It may seem the obvious answer, but it varies! Several factors can influence the price, including:


  • Number & profile of users


  • Number of business systems & applications


  • Age/state of current infrastructure 


  • Security posture


  • Scope of services


To give a more accurate budget estimation, Nviron will work with you to review your current systems and understand your business objectives. 

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