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8 November 2023

Technical vs Managed Support Services: Which is right for you?

Technical vs Managed Support Services Which is right for you

In today’s hyper-competitive world, taking a strategic approach to IT is a necessity. Increasingly, IT teams are tasked with delivering additional value to the businesses they serve, either by introducing applications which help generate additional revenue or tools which increase productivity. But how do you achieve these goals whilst ensuring the rest of your IT function runs smoothly?


As your business grows, so does the level of expectation on each department, including IT. Outsourcing is now second nature for IT departments, as good talent is expensive and hard to find.


Whilst some organisations require the additional support of Technical Support Services (TSS), others look to outsource the management of their entire IT function through Managed Support Services (MSS). This article explores the merit of both options and helps identify which is right for your business.


Technical Support Services (TSS)


SMBs requiring additional support to handle complex technical issues can benefit significantly from outsourced TSS as they enable you to enhance and empower your internal IT team with technical escalation when needed. TSS is typically reactive and involves engaging a third party when something doesn’t work as expected.


Benefits of TSS


  • Reduce the burden on your IT team: Keep your IT team focused on core business projects by enabling them access to subject matter experts.


  • Reduce downtime: Our accredited technical engineering team understands service disruption pressures. We work with you to resolve your issues and get you back up and running quickly.


  • Control costs: We’ll work together to create a package that delivers on your objectives, giving you complete control of your cost.


Managed Support Services (MSS)


Managed Support Services are particularly advantageous for SMBs that may not have a dedicated IT department or resources. With Managed Support Services, a third party such as Nviron becomes your IT team, taking full responsibility for your IT function to deliver high availability and efficiency.


Our technical teams are accredited to support a wide range of products across our primary infrastructure streams of Data centre, Data protection, Security, Networking and End-User Computing.


Benefits of MSS


  • Protect Your Data & minimise downtime: Nviron can proactively monitor your systems and infrastructure, moving swiftly to resolve issues and minimise downtime.


  • The right technologies: The IT landscape is constantly changing. Nviron will work with you, providing informed advice on the right technologies to help you achieve your business objectives.


  • Improve Productivity: Access to the latest technologies and proper configuration enables your employees to work more efficiently and improves their productivity.


  • Control costs: Managed Support Services are delivered through an agreed package, providing complete visibility of your costs.


Whether your organisation is looking for Technical Support services to provide access to engineering talent on an as-needed basis or a Managed Support Partner to own your IT function and deliver high availability, efficiency and productivity, Nviron has the capabilities and the experience to support you. Please get in touch to speak to one of our specialists. Alternatively, existing customers can contact their designated Account Manager.

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