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Managed IT Infrastructure

Outsourced maintenance, monitoring, and support of your compute and storage infrastructure, enabling your organisation to focus on core business operations.

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So, what do we mean by Managed IT Infrastructure?

IT infrastructure is the foundation that supports your entire digital environment, enabling systems and services to function efficiently.

With Managed Infrastructure, Nviron takes responsibility for monitoring, updating and securing your infrastructure. You still maintain control over your applications and data but don’t need to worry about the underlying infrastructure complexities.

As our digital offerings in the business world are ever-evolving, you need to ensure that your IT is on the same page or even the page beyond. At Nviron, we’re experts at keeping our experts at the forefront of anything IT.

Say hello to stress-free IT


Not one size fits all

Every single business we work alongside has different requirements, so our IT experts will work with you to get to the roots of what you’re looking for as an IT business partner.


We like to be proactive

After we’ve listened to your concerns, our experts will propose the required (sometimes alternative) processes and systems to ensure we’re always one step ahead. This will continue for the duration of our partnership.


People buy from people

We’re all about the relationship. We will ensure you’re happy with your dedicated contacts at Nviron and make sure that they are always available to resolve any issues as speedily as possible.


Our experts are trained by the experts

Our experts are all equipped with the ability to solve the most complex of issues and get you up and running before anything turns critical.

Benefits of Managed IT Infrastructure


Expertise & support

Nviron has a team of experienced professionals specialising in maintaining and managing our customers' IT infrastructure components. This enables you to tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise without hiring and training IT staff.


Reliability & availability

Constant availability is vital for growing businesses. Nviron works to agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring a certain level of uptime and availability for the systems we manage on your behalf.


Focus on core competencies

Managing your IT infrastructure can be resource-intensive. Leave the hard work to us and let your teams concentrate on developing and improving your core products and services.


Reduced downtime

With proactive monitoring and proactive issue resolution, managed infrastructure can significantly reduce downtime due to technical problems.

How we performed in June 2024

Our dedication to exceptional customer service is a constant. Explore these statistics to see our commitment to delivering top-tier service year-round.


Tickets responded to (by a human) within SLA


Tickets resolved (by a human) within SLA


Mean time to fix


Proactive alerts resolved

Frequently asked questions

Managed IT Infrastructure involves outsourcing the management of your IT infrastructure to a third party. This relieves your IT team of responsibility, freeing them to focus on other projects.

Managed IT infrastructure services involve a third-party provider such as Nviron administering and managing your technology, information and data proactively. Its scope ranges from your devices to networking, storage, data, security and cloud-based services.


The goal of Managed IT Infrastructure is to minimise your business downtime and keep your business as productive as possible.

There are numerous benefits to businesses of choosing to outsource the management of their IT infrastructure, including:


  • Rapid response to IT-related issues.


  • Proactive management of your IT infrastructure.


  • Monitor service level performance to detect when service drops below the agreed SLA.


  • Identify threats to your network, enabling you to respond promptly and mitigate their impact.


  • Streamlines your businesses day to day operations.


  • Reduce downtime.


  • Increase user and customer satisfaction, contributing to enhanced business performance.

Ready to streamline your IT operations

Situated between Manchester and Liverpool, our IT experts are perfectly positioned to take care of the tech, so you can focus on what really matters.

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