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Managed IT Renewals

Ensure the seamless and efficient renewal of contracts or subscriptions so everything is covered when needed.

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So, what do we mean by Managed IT Renewals?

Managed IT Renewals give you peace of mind that your technology will continue to work as and when you need it by outsourcing the management and oversight of IT service renewals, subscriptions, licenses, and contracts to a third-party vendor.

These renewals could include software licenses, hardware warranties, cloud service subscriptions, cybersecurity tools, and other IT-related services.

To make it easy, we can even roll them into one monthly fee.

Say hello to stress-free IT


Not one size fits all

Every single business we work alongside has different requirements, so our IT experts will work with you to get to the roots of what you’re looking for as an IT business partner.


We like to be proactive

After we’ve listened to your concerns, our experts will propose the required (sometimes alternative) processes and systems to ensure we’re always one step ahead. This will continue for the duration of our partnership.


People buy from people

We’re all about the relationship. We will ensure you’re happy with your dedicated contacts at Nviron and make sure that they are always available to resolve any issues as speedily as possible.


Our experts are trained by the experts

Our experts are all equipped with the ability to solve the most complex of issues and get you up and running before anything turns critical.

Benefits of Managed IT Renewals


Time & resource savings

Managing IT Renewals can be time-consuming. Outsourcing this process allows you to focus on more strategic and value-added activities rather than getting bogged down by administrative tasks.


Reduced risk of lapsed services

Missing renewal dates can lead to disruptions in services. With managed IT Renewals, we take responsibility for tracking renewal dates and ensuring that services and subscriptions are renewed on time, helping to prevent downtime and service interruptions.


Vendor management

Dealing with multiple vendors and contracts can be challenging. We can act as an intermediary between your organisation and vendors, handling negotiations, contract management, and vendor relationship management. We're good at it.


Predictable budgeting

Managed IT Renewal services can provide predictable budgeting by consolidating your IT expenses and clearly understanding upcoming renewal costs.

How we performed in June 2024

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Frequently asked questions

With the significant rise in subscription-based SaaS applications, keeping track of all the services you are licensing and their renewal dates can be challenging.


Managed IT Renewals take the pressure off your team, outsourcing the responsibility of renewing your licenses to a third party such as Nviron.

Renewal management is essential for giving you control over your subscriptions and your finances.  


With Managed IT Renewals, Nviron takes responsibility for tracking renewal dates and ensuring services and subscriptions are renewed on time. Helping prevent downtime and service interruptions.


This enables you to budget effectively and clearly understand your upcoming renewal costs.

  • No more missed deadlines – Missing renewal dates can lead to service disruptions, directly impacting your ability to service customers and, therefore, your reputation.


  • Understand contract terms – Not everyone is diligent when reviewing contract terms. Nviron reviews all your contract terms to help you fully understand upcoming renewal costs and ensure price hikes don't blindside you.


  • Review which software you use – It's essential to audit your business's software, as there's no need to renew licenses for software you no longer use.

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