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Microsoft meetings, calling & chat

Streamline business communications with your customers and your team. Create documents, share ideas, and store files in a cloud-first platform.

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So, much more than just Microsoft Teams

Microsoft meetings, calling & chat include features designed to facilitate communication, collaboration, and teamwork within your organisation. They integrate various features and tools into a single platform, making it easier for your teams to work together remotely and efficiently.

Our team of Microsoft Licensing Specialists and Technical Cloud Consultants are available to advise you on the most appropriate licensing and provide guidance on the most effective deployment strategy.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Partners & Accreditations

Nviron boasts strong partnerships with global tech leaders and holds top accreditations.

Nviron Dell Technologies Platinum
Nviron Cyber Essentials Plus
Microsoft Solution Provider - Modern Work
Microsoft Solution Partner Infrastructure Azure
Nviron VMware Partner Connect
Nviron Fortinet
Nviron Lenovo Intelligent Devices Partner
Nviron Veeam Pro Partner
Nviron Cisco Partner
Nviron Zen

Ready to streamline your IT operations

Situated between Manchester and Liverpool, our IT experts are perfectly positioned to take care of the tech, so you can focus on what really matters.

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