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Supporting your school's access to fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage

With the recent influx of 1:1 device schemes, ensuring fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage is a priority for schools across the UK.

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Supporting your schools Wi-Fi implementation, every step of the way

Classroom learning today relies more on cloud-based apps and digital learning technologies, this puts a greater strain on your wireless network, resulting in network downtime and disrupted classroom learning time.

Schools require Wi-Fi coverage that everyone can rely on, regardless of the number of devices connected. Our DfE compliant education Wi-Fi solutions can help you with:

• Fibre connection upgrade
• Network switches upgrade (core and edge)
• Cat 6 cabling upgrade
• New access points
• New cabinets if required.

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Is your school eligible for Connect The Classroom (CTC) Funding?

CTC is a DfE-funded initiative to provide the education environment with a cutting-edge network infrastructure. If you're in an eligible area, it provides your pupils with dependable and fast access to online resources to enrich their learning.

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Benefits of upgrading your Wi-Fi


Reduce pressure on your network

Enables you to handle a greater number of devices connected to the network, reducing downtime.


Supports your transition to digital learning

Create an inclusive and accessible learning environment for all of your students.


Increased network performance

Perfect for dense classroom environments with large data demands from many devices.


More robust Wi-Fi security

Security is a priority for us all. WiFi 6 adopts the latest and most secure WiFi security standards.

Partners & Accreditations

Nviron boasts strong partnerships with global tech leaders and holds top accreditations.

Nviron Dell Technologies Platinum
Nviron Cyber Essentials Plus
Microsoft Solution Provider - Modern Work
Microsoft Solution Partner Infrastructure Azure
Nviron VMware Partner Connect
Nviron Fortinet
Nviron Lenovo Intelligent Devices Partner
Nviron Veeam Pro Partner
Nviron Cisco Partner
Nviron Zen

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