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Email Threat Protection as a Service (ETPaaS)

Secure your inbox, guard against threats, and protect your business.

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So, what do we mean by ETPaaS?

Nviron’s Email Threat Protection as a Service offers a multi-layered approach to securing and protecting Email from malicious phishing, impersonation, malware, ransomware, and spam-type threats and challenges.

With increased social engineering, broad-based spam & targeted attacks, cybercriminals exploit known vulnerabilities in the most prominent email providers to steal privileged information.

Stay safe safe and stay protected with ETPaaS.

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Benefits of ETPaaS


Real-time threat analysis

With 24/7/365 analysis, ETPaaS from Nviron scans your emails for known threats in real time. New threats are constantly being identified and logged, further enhancing the capability of ETPaaS.


Multi-layered security

ETPaaS analyses all elements of incoming emails to detect threats. Email links are also automatically rewritten, directing users to a safe site warning against suspicious or potentially malicious content.


Attachment quarantine

Forensic analysis is performed on email attachments. A ‘disarmed’ or PDF-converted version of the original file is then delivered to the recipient.



With ETPaaS, there are no upfront investments. You pay for the service on a subscription basis. This reduces the typical costs of purchasing and maintaining your email security.

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Frequently asked questions

ETPaaS is designed to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks delivered through email. As with other XaaS offerings, ETPaaS is delivered as a Service via the cloud and managed on your behalf by Nviron.

ETPaaS sits in front of your email server, scanning every incoming email and detecting phishing, spoofing and fraud through real-time analysis. It also detects if sophisticated malware is attached to media files in the download links of incoming messages, offering an advanced level of protection.


Before emails enter your system, ETPaaS analyses and cleans all incoming emails, eliminating the workload created by spam and ensuring only legitimate emails are delivered to your users.

Email is one of the most common methods malicious individuals use to breach your defences and begin cyber attacks on your business. Email security is essential for organisations to protect sensitive data and prevent data breaches. Benefits of ETPaaS include:


  • Protects against phishing by identifying malicious emails and flagging them for review before they are delivered to your users.


  • Anti-malware and anti-spam protection keeps your users secure.


  • Email encryption can be used to prevent data breaches by securing sensitive information.

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