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Microsoft 365 Backup as a Service (M365 BaaS)

Peace of mind that your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Teams data is backed up.

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So, what do we mean by M365 BaaS

M365 BaaS is a cloud-based solution that provides a streamlined and efficient way to back up your data and systems to a remote server or cloud storage.

It is a common misconception that cloud data is protected automatically. Microsoft is responsible for infrastructure and connectivity and will keep your data safe to the best of its ability. Ultimately, long-term protection and archiving of data falls to the user organisation.

Instead of relying on traditional on-premises backup methods, M365 BaaS leverages the capabilities of cloud computing to offer a more flexible, scalable, and automated approach to data protection in a single monthly subscription.

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Benefits of M365 BaaS


Data backup & storage

M365 BaaS enable you to regularly and automatically back up critical data, applications and files to remote cloud servers. These backups are stored securely in the cloud, reducing the reliance on physical hardware and ensuring data is safe from local disasters or hardware failures.


Fully managed

Nviron takes all operational responsibility for scheduling, maintaining, testing, and managing your backups. Should you need to recover some files or data, we take care of that too.


Security by design

Your backups are secure in transit and at rest. Backups are stored away from the Microsoft public cloud, creating a clear segregation to the M365 environment.


Cost savings

Using M365 BaaS eliminates the need for purchasing and maintaining physical backup hardware. Instead, organisations pay a monthly subscription for their cloud-based storage resources. This leads to cost savings compared to traditional backup solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

M365BaaS is a second copy of your data residing within your Microsoft 365 tenancy. M365BaaS protects against loss or theft and includes Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Teams Data.


Nviron's M365BaaS includes the ability to recover your data, as this data is often mission-critical and required to keep your business operating without disruption.

Although Microsoft 365 includes native and add-on data protection solutions, their capabilities are limited. As Microsoft 365 becomes integral to our businesses day to day operations, an M365BaaS solution minimises the expense and time required to retain Microsoft 365 data for lengthy periods as are necessary for various scenarios, e.g. litigation, mergers and acquisitions and employee turnover.

While Microsoft 365 does have native backup capabilities, these are not robust enough to meet the needs of most organisations, and the data retention periods are increasingly short – less than a month.

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