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27 March 2024

Transform your workday with Copilot for Microsoft 365 – Part 2

Transform your workday with Copilot for Microsoft 365 Part 2

Creativity is key to delivering customer value. In the second part of this mini-series, we explore how you can harness the power of Copilot for Microsoft 365 to make more of the apps you use every day.


Use the right prompts


Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a formidable tool in the right hands, but as with any AI tool, the results are only as good as the prompts you enter.


A good prompt should have four parts:


  • Your goal: What are you looking for Copilot to deliver? "I want a list of 3–5 bullet points to help me prepare…"


  • The context: Who is involved in or affected by your request, and what are you trying to achieve? "… for an upcoming meeting with a client, focusing on their current state and what they want to achieve."


  • Your expectation: What is the best way for Copilot to answer your request? “Use a friendly but authoritative tone in your reply.”


  • The source: What information or samples do you want the CoPilot to use? ".. focus on emails and Teams chats with Ben and Ollie over the last two weeks."


Making the most of Copilot across Microsoft 365


Whilst there are thousands of ways Copilot can help enhance your creativity, many of which will be unique to you and your role, here are a few things we love about Copilot.


Never start with a blank page - Copilot in Word can create a first draft to build upon and inspire you to take your ideas to the next level. You can even ask Copilot to provide additional details to support your document.


Get started fast & on brand - Give Copilot in PowerPoint a topic and let it create a draft presentation using your organisation's branding. Once completed, you can ensure you've hit the critical points by asking Copilot to summarise the presentation.


Identify insights - Use Copilot in Excel to analyse and visualise your data to gain insights. Effortlessly highlight, filter and sort your data to focus on what matters and get formula suggestions for complex calculations that will give you the insights you need to make critical business decisions.


Discover more about Copilot in our recent webinar


On the 16th of April 2024, Nviron hosted a webinar, "Harnessing the full capabilities of Microsoft Business Premium – Part 3", during which we shared more details on the recent Copilot announcement.


Watch the recording


If Copilot is on your radar, we will share more details on our blog over the coming weeks. Otherwise, please Click Here to speak to one of our specialists. Alternatively, existing customers can contact their designated Account Manager.

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