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10 April 2024

Transform your workday with Copilot for Microsoft 365 – Part 3

Transform your workday with Copilot for Microsoft 365 Part 3

How can you transform your communications and create more hours in the day with Copilot in Microsoft 365?


AI is beginning to play a significant role in improving our work days. With that in mind, here are five ways Microsoft Copilot can enhance your communications to help you become more productive and creative.


1. Overcome calendar conflicts


Our work days are busier than ever, and sometimes, you have to prioritise one meeting over another or miss out on dropping in an interview for a more pressing discussion.


During or after a meeting, Copilot can help you recall the discussion more accurately, note an excellent quote or detail for a story, evaluate complex topics, or help you determine whether a candidate is worth bringing back for a follow-up interview. For example, you can ask:


  • What was the feedback X shared about the presented comms plan?
  • The engineer we spoke with shared an interesting anecdote about X that I'd like to include in a story I'm working on. Can you remind me exactly what she said?
  • Put the pros and cons of what the team has discussed about the announcement strategy in a table and recommend a course of action.


2. Message testing


Clarity is vital when writing good communications. Your audience needs to be able to digest the key points you're putting forward.


If you feed your communication into Copilot, you can then ask it to articulate what it thinks are the key messages you're trying to portray. If they're off, you can refine them.


If you're looking for a fresh perspective, you can ask it to play devil's advocate and poke holes in your arguments to identify blind spots and sharpen your position. You could ask: "If you wanted to disrupt this argument, what would you say?"


3. Preparing for the unexpected questions


Say you're preparing to present your idea to a senior executive or your product to a new customer, and you don't want to be blindsided by unexpected questions you can't answer.


Copilot can research the topic and give you a list of FAQs and answers, all within the blink of an eye. Try these prompts:


  • Share the top five questions you would have for me if presented with the information in this document: 
  • Pretend you are preparing to promote X to your manager. What questions will they ask you about how X will benefit the business?
  • I'm presenting X to a new customer. What are the top three questions someone unfamiliar with the product would ask?
  • Help me draft responses to this list of questions: Answers should be brief but conversational in tone.


4. Writing comms plans & blogs


We spoke a little about this in our previous article, but Copilot is brilliant at helping you get started and hone your content when writing documents, comms plans and blogs.


  • Sometimes, getting started with a headline is the hardest step of writing a document. Ask Copilot to suggest five examples.
  • In Word, you can highlight a paragraph in a plan or blog that you've hit the wall on and ask Copilot to suggest a few other ways to write it.
  • Giving Copilot a brain dump of the elements you want to see in a document can help you structure them. Whilst it won't write the document for you, it can give you a starting point to build upon.
  • Sometimes, closing off a document, email, or blog is challenging. Copilot can write a short but compelling closing paragraph that combines your ideas into a concise conclusion.


5. Creating presentations


Another one we briefly touched on in our last article.


Sometimes, the way we present our ideas is just as important as the actual content. With Copilot in PowerPoint, you can choose "Create presentation from file…" Select the relevant document and let Copilot go to work building a deck.


From there, you can ask Copilot to add an end slide, make all the titles a specific font and colour, or ask it to update one of the images. You've built a presentation in seconds, and now all you have to do is refine it.


Discover more about Copilot in our recent webinar


On the 16th of April 2024, Nviron hosted a webinar, "Harnessing the full capabilities of Microsoft Business Premium – Part 3", during which we shared more details on the recent Copilot announcement.


Watch the recording


If Copilot is on your radar, we will share more details on our blog over the coming weeks. Otherwise, please Click Here to speak to one of our specialists. Alternatively, existing customers can contact their designated Account Manager.

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